Why me?


I have spent my whole life studying and getting better in sales, recruiting and leadership. Due to my experience, I can now transfer key information between fields of interest.


My clients become very successful.


I got balls. I do not just explain thing to you, I show you how to make it done once we meet or have a call.


My career of a
Financial Advisor begins


My team now consists of 50 people and 6 managers


My career of a Financial Advisor is over
and I found a company of


I cooperate with the largest insurance company, building society and real estate agency


A companion has joined me in EDUCADO and I’m starting a consulting business

What can I do for you?


Recruitment process consultation

If your team is missing people, you are missing finance they could have made for you. Whether choosing the right people, addressing them or getting them, we’ll work it out together. I enjoy getting people that no one else can get.

Little success at interviews


Candidates do not go to interviews


An insufficient number of responses to advertising


Inability to reach out to competition candidates (headhunting)


Inability to use additional channels beyond advertising


Sales Process Consultation

If your merchants lack skills or motivation you are losing clients. This always has fatal consequences for the company. Specifically, I’ll show you how to make the situation better.

Traders do not know how to trade – hard skills (closing, objections, open questions)


The company does not have an effective sales process


Insufficient / misuse of CRM


Ineffective Leadership Management


Poor training and support


Management Process Consultation

Due to bad management, you may lack turnover, have problems with recruitment and quality (of your services, etc). By working with multinational companies, I have gained experience that I can now share with you and help you get your business working. I am able to provide interdisciplinary solutions from regional to the global scope.

Managers do not manage their job well – hard skills (motivation, delegation, goal planning, reproach, testimony, etc)


Inability to effectively delegate and control their co-workers


Incorrect management process settings


Retaining of co-workers


Managers do not meet set goals


Setting up another company's training processes

Do you train your employee a lot and still no results? Hire a “construction supervisor” for your chosen training agency and get the most out of the cooperation. I train myself, so I know what activities are important and what activities are just a waste of time.

Insufficient expertise of external agencies


Incorrectly set cooperation (eg without specific quality requirements)


Application of theoretical knowledge from training to practice


Second opinion – second impartial opinion on the quality of work from external agencies


Training process consultation

Business is not a school, so if you want to educate your employees, you need to do it efficiently and well. I’m here to advise you on the path to go. I’m not teacher, coach or mentor. I’m a businessman.

Ineffective education (time vs money vs quality)


Insufficient education (co-workers lack information)


Application of LMS solution (online education)


Insufficient competence to start educational processes


Division of competencies – external vs internal training

Do you want your business to work properly? Do not just guess what to do or try out what is best, learn precisely what to do.


That is a percentage expressing the greatest boost I have given to a business during a single afternoon.


That is how many recruitment or business meetings I do every year.


The number of days I spend with clients in the field every year.

Cooperation conditions

First non-binding consultation

You will get to know me, I will get to know you and then we will see.


180 € / hour exclusive of VAT (the price includes a tasty coffee and preparation for the meeting – study of materials, etc.)

Length of cooperation

1 regular monthly consultation is sufficient for most clients

Fair approach

What happens in case you are dissatisfied? I’ll give you the money back. No questions asked.

What to expect?

Specific advice

I’m not a coach, trainer, mentor, or psychologist – you’re paying me to advise you
– not to search your head for answers

Interdisciplinary Portability

What has been proven in other fields can work in your business too.


I’ll show you or demonstrate you everything. If it is your wish we shall go for a meeting.

Measurable Results

Whether it is an increase in turnover or a number of new traders. The results will be measurably improved.


That is how many experts get my clients from competitors every month.


That is how many clients cooperate with me long term.

189 K €

Turnover of the regional branch has grown so much thanks to cooperation with me.


Consultations are provided in so many languages.


Years of experience in business, sales and leadership.


The number of people I have most actively led.

What NOT to expect?

Baby sitting

I will not hold you by hand, nor will I make you pay me If there is nothing I can do. I’ll show you everything so you could do it without any further help of mine and you will be able to start working on improvements right from the beginning of your cooperation.

Working for free

I am aware of the high rate as well as the added value. Consultation is not free, like any other service.

Guarantee of cooperation

I choose my clients just as my clients choose me. I choose only those I can really help.

100% Guarantee

There is no business without risk. I cannot promise you that we will fulfil all your expectations.


Want to find out what my balls are like?

I cooperate with the largest building society in the Czech Republic, the largest insurance company in the world and the largest real estate agency in the Czech Republic. Arrange a consultation and find out more about me and what I can do for you.